What is the most representative of Hangry?

It must be me~~

Hello everyone !! I'm ugly, but I'm super sensitive !

From identifying prey, grabbing prey to eating, The whole process is completed within 0.25 seconds.

If I eat well, I won't be hungry and angry!! 

My name is Star-nosed mole.

Brand Story

Who are We? We are Hangry Buddy, a good partner to keep “Hangry” away!

What is “Hangry”

“Hangry” derives from the words “Hungry” and “Angry”. When we are hungry,

we often feel angry or frustrated. With Hangry Buddy, you will never feel “Hangry”!

Brand Concept

Hangry Buddy promotes a healthy eating lifestyle by providing healthy, natural and low-calorie foods. With Hangry Buddy, you can now eat without counting calorie . Remove your guilt of over-eating.

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