Hangry Buddy Konjac Series
Your carb reduction diet is no longer tasteless. Konjac is versatile. It can be made into a variety of delicious dishes according to individual’s taste, preferences and cooking style.
Oat Konjac Noodles
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Konjac Fettuccine
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Konjac Rice
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Spinach Konjac Noodles
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Konjac Tagliatelle
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Hangry Buddy Instant Noodles Series
Delicious food doesn't have to be expensive, we bring you a low-GI, low-calorie, delicious and ready to eat meal box. it can be your lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner. If you stay late for playing online games, work over time or watch  ball games at night.  Hangry Buddy instant noodle box is definitely your convenient, healthy and delicious choice. You don't need to use a microwave. It can soothe your stomach in 2 minutes.
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Pork Bone Soup Konjac Noodle - BIG

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Curry Noodle with okra and egg

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Ratten Pepper Konjac Noodle - BIG

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Sautéed Mushroom Oats Konjac Rice


Curry Vegan Floss Oats Konjac Rice

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What is Konjac?

Konjac, also known as glucomannan, is a rich source of soluble dietary fiber. It has been widely used as food and medicine in China and Japan. Konjac is a food of low-glycemic, low carb, low calorie, fat free, sugar free and rich in fiber. It is recognized as one of the top ten healthy foods by the World Health Organization.

There are ways to reduce Carbohydrates
6 kcal
1.3g Carbohydrates 
0g Fat
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6 kcal
1.3g Carbohydrates 
0g Fat
Mild Carb reduction diet – A new way of Living

Carbs, a primary source of energy for the body, comprise of three nutrients, namely starch, sugar, and fiber. In recent years, consumers have raised their awareness of healthy eating. Many have turned to carb reduction diet. We promote mild carb reduction diet due to its ease of implementation and sustainability. This is opposed to an extreme carb reduction diet, which is often counter productive in the long run.

Benefits of Carb reduction diet
Reduce body weight.
 ②Give satiety or the feeling of fullness.
Slow down skin aging.
④Improve blood sugar control.
Increase fat utilization, lower blood lipid level and reduce fat.

Dietary advices for carb reduction dieters

Reduce the intake of refined starch

Refined starch is commonly found in foods such as rice, bread, noodles.

To implement a low carb diet, refined starch foods should be replaced by konjac rice or 


*Supplement with sufficient protein 

Consuming sufficient protein from fish, chicken, beans, eggs, etc. is recommended to maintain

a healthy balanced diet.

*Balance of high quality fat

Low carb diet is to be balanced with high quality fat that contains high Omega-3 fatty acid, such as fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel), avocados, olive oil and olive, pecans, peanuts etc.

*Ingest sufficient dietary fiber

 It is equally important to consume sufficient dietary fiber especially your low carb diet is high in red meat. Eating foods rich in dietary fiber such as Konjac rice or noodles helps to prevent chronic diseases.

The above content is for reference only, if you have any questions about dietary health care and treatment plan, please consult your attending doctor.